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City of Biograd is located in a perfect place, one would say. It is located in the middle of Croatian Adriatic coast, and completely is surrounded by national parks and nature parks. A mild Mediterranean climate gives an illusion of true heaven on earth. Biograd is not a huge city. Biograd is a city that is just as big so visitors can feel comfortable, without everyday stress, and yet offers everything that modern city has to offer.

On the west there is clear Adriatic Sea along with the Pasman Islandthat is located on the other side of Pasman Channel. Nearest city is 30 km to the north, called Zadar.

Further to the west you will find National Park Kornati. Because of huge marinas where you can have hundreds of ships, Biograd has earned himself a title of starting point to Kornati..

Of other geographic features in proximity we should mention Nature Park Vransko Jezero that is located about 10 km southeast from Biograd. Vransko Jezero is filled with mildly salted water that is a source of life for diverse animal community located there.

We should also point out National Park Krka that is located 70 km from Biograd, and Telašćica Nature Park on southeastern part of Dugi Otok.